Break These Chains

by DoublexCrossed

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Recorded and mixed May 2012 @ "Sound Museum"
Mastered by Andrey in June 2012
Gang vocals by DoublexCrossed and Artem Chaika
Vinyl version available @ Paranoid Records


released July 20, 2012



all rights reserved


DoublexCrossed город Москва, Russian Federation

DoublexCrossed is:

Alexander - vocals
Dmitry - bass
Evan - drums
Andrey - guitar
Alexey - guitar

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Track Name: Friday 13th
I can't retrace my steps,
Because i know what's done is done.
Can't change our past,
And can't change what we've become

I'm feeling lost,
And only one who takes the blame.
In search for ourselves
We would never be the same.

I take my blame,
But don't see that you take yours,
You are just trapped and stuck,
In the pit with your faults.

All around us seems so meaningless,
But time goes by, so first or last i'll find my way
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
So carried by the truth, I'll find the place where I need to stay.
Track Name: BTC/FYM
Break the chains and free your mind,
Because these external factors make you purely blind.
You act like puppet that's pulled by the string,
And life becomes a bail, that no one want to redeem.

Times go harder and harder,
You don't try to hold your ground.
Because you don't know what's going further
What you'll loose, or what will find?

Times goes harder and harder,
So much people have change their views.
I wouldn't see IT any longer,
If you won't hold on now, you will lose!

You gotta free your mind and break these fucking chains!


If you're gonna live your life with prejudices in your head,
How I will help you to get out from it, I really cannot understand!
You need to free your mind, you need to break these chains!
This is the only way to turn your fucking atrophied brains!
Track Name: Why Are You Still Here?
It's always good to see new people in crowd
But what is their beliefs, have you sometimes thought.
I'm very disappointed with thoughts in your head
Which totally unconformed with things that you said

You're saying one thing but going to act with another,
All that you imagine - it is absolutelly bother.
Trying to look tough, i see it in your face,
And all that I could say that you're another one disgraced

Another one unprincipled, another "one-day stand",
Why are you still here, i cannot understand.
The place for us, that is a part of our lives, and everything we value,
So if you don't think the same way, this place is not for you!

Why are you still here?
I just can't understand!
Track Name: Not My Way
I'm so sick of this shit and i don't care
About your beliefs in this life
And the way you live is only your way
If i am straight edge, i don't need your fucking claim

Is it really the reason of your relation to me?
Why do you tell me your way is the only way for all
Cause i feel okay without any fucking dope


I've never said that i'm absolutely right
And I can't see any reason to cheat on each other,
When we think the same about this world
So stop to divide who's right and who's wrong
Track Name: Empty Words
Not aware of your actions,
You go deeper into you lies.
Now I see the same pictures,
The same that were left behind.

You play that tricks,
And so many times.
Now trying to excuse
Ahead of us,
But we know for sure,
Your constance is the sign of your loss.

Gonna get clean from all this shit,
Covered by your views.
But it won't work.
For this time.
Cause all this ground, that we stand
Is more than fucking X's on your hands.
It's the actions,
Not your words on wind.